About the Sugar Shack

A Sugar Shack in an Urban Setting!

Please note that the sugar shack will be open every weekend from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. between March and April! You don't need to book!

The first sugar shack was built in the Richelieu forest by the White Fathers who made syrup for their religious community. The order left Vanier in the mid-1970s. After their departure, a group called Action Vanier took over the tradition and rebuilt the sugar shack on the same site as the White Father's original sugar shack. Since 2012, the Vanier Museopark has been in charge of the sugar shack.

The Richelieu Park's sugar shack continues to carry on the tradition of the maple sugar season. The new sugar shack as we know it today was inaugurated in 1998. Each year, 1000 trees are tapped in the traditional way to produce about 400 litres of maple syrup. The sugar shack can accommodate up to 40 people where a team of volunteers explains the whole maple syrup process.

A small shop offers maple products and souvenirs in the sugar shack. The sugar shack’s products are also available at the Vanier Museopark.

The sugar shack can be reserved for such occasions as Christmas dinners, weddings, dance evenings, etc. Every year, a Maple Sugar Festival takes place. During the festival, many activities are offered to visitors to give them a chance to appreciate their day in the Richelieu forest.

The Sugar Shack is open as of December 1 for reservations as well as during the sugar season by reservation and throughout the Sugar Fest. The sugar shack is open until mid-May, but reservations are available throughout the year.

Renting the Sugar Shack – No meals

Categories Without liquor licence With liquor licence
Non-profit Activity $30/hour $40/hour
Private Activity $40/hour $60/hour
Kitchen $25
Audiovisual Equipment $50
Flipboard $25
Laptop (without internet connection) $50
Dishes $25

Reservation until 9 p.m. max.

$75 (VISA) or $200 (cheque or cash) deposit

$50 additional cost for the cleaning of the sugar shack

The person making the booking is responsible for getting a liquor permit and must remain at the sugar shack.

Applicable taxes will be added to the total cost.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Note: During your visit at the sugar shack, it is also possible to appreciate the accordion’s musicality with Maurice Auger who is a well-known accordion player, singer and songwriter in the community. Rate: $50/hour

For more information or to make a reservation, please feel free to contact the Museopark at 613.518.7333 or at info@museoparc.ca.